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Woodland Welcomes

Jorge Coromac!

Welcome! At Woodland Charities, you can learn about and fund locally-run social service projects from around the world.

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Featured Projects

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The Nursing School will operate on the second level of the Community Education and Health Center. . .Go to Proposal

Woodland is providing with neonatal care, dental care, annual medical checkups and access to basic medicine in the outpatience clinic located in Patanatic. ..

The lack economic resources among rural Mayan families stops families from enrolling their kids in school...


International Volunteer Trips

Woodland General Fund
Abby Zimmerman President of the Interact Club at Shawnee Mission Northwest HS.

Woodland continues implemented projects and programs in communities in need. This is possible thanks to the great support and engagement of volunteers form USA and other countries.

Water filters, cook stoves, medical checkups, dental treatment, scholarship are some of the examples of the projects that volunteesr implement during their trips but more important is that local communities participate actively and take ownership with the training and support provide by Woodland volunteers.

Today Woodland highlights the experience/comment of one of the many outstanding volunteers that visited Guatemala in July 2013.

“We worked in the village of San Antonio. After taking a bus ride up into the mountains, we gave the kids at the local school eye exams and checked some of the water filters in the community. I was amazed at the number of students and teachers who had been living with poor, or some cases horrible, vision. I definitely could not function that gracefully without my contacts....It makes you appreciate everything we have at home.”

“We're incredibly grateful for the family, friends, and Rotarians who have helped us raise the money to get here. Special thanks goes to the Lenexa club for a matching grant, as well as the Shawnee, Johnson County, and Western Johnson County clubs for their generous donations. This would not have been possible without Rotary. Also, we’d like to thank Applebee’s, Hy-Vee, Peachwave, and Sonic for allowing us to do multiple fundraisers. Finally, a big thank you is due for everyone who purchased a Sponsor a Student or made an individual donation. We don't know what we would do without you, and we hope that the work we do here will make you proud.”
Woodland General Fund
Volunteers at Lake Atitlan in July 2013

The team has absolutely loved interacting with the children. They are probably some of the sweetest kids you'll meet, and some of the funniest. You've got to love trying to see who can make the craziest face, especially when you're competing with a group of 4th grade boys. And nothing in the world is more rewarding than a hug and a smile.” 

To learn more about the projects and how you can become a volunteer please Jorge Coromac at or visit this link: International Volunteer Trip.

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Helping guarantee basic needs for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa is an urgent priority. Woodland also reaches out to help vulnerable children and other disadvantaged people in the U.S. and Central America.

Woodland Charities works to alleviate poverty through grants to community-based organizations in Africa and Central America.

If you have the will to help, Woodland will facilitate your own charitable efforts. Contact us for information about taking advantage of Woodland's 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and joining Woodland in supporting charities of your choice.


Partner Organizations

Woodland partners with social service agencies in poor countries that share our commitment to support basic needs, volunteerism and low administrative costs.



ACONANI is a nonprofit organization established in Guatemala since 1984 and develops programs focus in family and children human rights. The focus areas of ACONANI are education, peace and conflict resolution, technical skill and access to health.


The CESP is a community association that coordinates with ACONANI and Woodland to provide access to education, health and safe drinking water in the community of Patanatic and surrounding communities in Sololá, Guatemala.


The Asturias Academy was founded in 1994 and has been addressing educational inequalities in Guatemala for over fifteen years. As nonprofit organization the Academy coordinates with Woodland to provide schoolarships for students in elementary, middle and high school.

Woodland-Kansas City - MO/KS

Westside Coalition

The Westside coalition is a group of social service organizations that promote education, health and social service activities in the Westside community in Kansas City, MO. Activities include: welcome back to school, summer activities, spring family festival, fall festival, Toys for Tots. The coalition also coordinates with the Mexican, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras and others consulates to provide services for citizens in Kansas City MO.


AIDS Orphans Assistance

Established in 2003 to address basic needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Projects have supported home health care for people living with HIV/AIDS in the slums of Nairobi and famine relief in rural communities.

The Halo Foundation

The HALO Foundation is committed to enhancing living conditions and providing art therapy for orphans worldwide. Orphans supported by HALO are provided food, water, shelter, clothing, education, and art therapy. HALO works with orphanages in Mexico, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa, and Nicaragua.

Woodland-South Africa

Light Center

Since 2007 the Light of Center has implemented programs in South Africa in partnership with Woodland. The Light Center programs focus on education and community programs including computer laboratories, education centers, community gardens and vocational training (sewing).